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ANZAC House is open Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm. To speak to Reception after 5pm, use the intercom button on the left hand side of the front door.

There are 8 levels in the building and 2 elevators (in Australia we call them ‘lifts’). This gives easy wheelchair access to the campus.

You can always use the fire stairs. Please note: the stairs on Level 1 behind the elevator can take you outside the building or into the foyer on the Ground Floor. Please go into the foyer as the door to the street sets off a security alarm. To reach the foyer from the Level 2, use the stairs next to the kitchen, not the elevator.

The toilets come off the fire stairs. There are male and female toilets on each level. When you use the toilet, please use it in the Australian way. There are pictures in the toilets showing you how. The toilets are cleaned every day and re-stocked with toilet paper. Please do not take all the paper, and please leave the room tidy. 

There is a shower in the Staff Toilet on Level 1 near Reception. Students can use the shower if it helps them to get to class on time. Please see a Student Services Officer about using the staff shower regularly. You will need to supply your own towel.

The College campus is part of the building’s air-conditioning system. It is maintained by ANZAC House.

The campus has 3 kitchens with microwave ovens and drink machines. Please do not leave food in the fridge forever. The fridges are emptied on Fridays. There is boiling hot water on tap for noodles, tea and coffee. Please leave the kitchen clean and tidy. It is cleaned every day by the cleaner, but one lazy person can make it untidy as soon as the cleaner leaves.



We have 9 classrooms. Two thirds of them have natural light. There is at least one computer in every classroom and in the Business classrooms there are many more. The teacher often uses the projector and the whiteboard in the room to explain and demonstrate learning points.



We provide digital resources. The teacher will show you how to access these. For this you will need Office365.



We communicate with you using the email address we give you. Please follow the teacher’s instructions on how to use this service. It means you can not lose your work or our communications. It does require you to actively access your emails.



The Student Welfare Counsellor has a private office on Level 1.



The College holds your student paper records for 6 months on campus. After that the College keeps your key records digitally. We have the facility to replace lost or stolen certificate and diplomas but there is a fee for this service.  


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